The WFSF Executive Board and President may be re-elected to serve for up to two consecutive four-year terms. We are very fortunate that, as with the last Election in 2013, almost half the current Executive Board are willing to serve for a second term if the Members want. This is common practice in high levels of government where Senate elections are often staggered so that only half members are replaced at any Election. While not locked into our Constitution, the desire of eligible Board Members to stand for a second term is a demonstration of their commitment to the Federation, and the cooperation and harmony of Board working relationships. This has the potential to ensure continuity and consolidation of the Federation's strength and direction, especially with regard to our UNESCO and UN cooperation.

WFSF members live and work across 60 countries. We are in the process of developing cultural and language-based chapters in various global regions.
The WFSF Iberoamerican Chapter, representing Latin America, Spain and Portugal was founded in 2007. Office-bearers include:
Dr. Antonio Alonso Concheiro (Mexico) President
Jordi Serra (Spain) Vice-President
Professor Guillermina Baena Paz (Mexico) Secretary-General & and also Vice-President to WFSF President for the Iberoamerican Region.

The idea behind the WFSF Youth Council is to regenerate the Federation from the "ground up" by giving a greater voice to young people (under 35). WFSF Youth Council is a new initiative created to engage our student and other young members in taking a more active role in designing the futures they want. If WFSF itself is to have a positive future we need to become imbued with the values of the brightest and most ethical of the younger generation and prepare them for future leadership roles in WFSF.

Co-Chairs: Victor Vahidi Motlagh, Tehran, Iran & Dana Klisanin, New York, USA.
Mentors: Cesar Villanueva, The Philippines & Lelio Filho Fellows, Brazil.
Photo: Alethia Montero Baena, Mexico, speaking at the 21st WFSF World Conference, Bucharest. © 2013 Bram Goots with permission.

WFSF Awards have been granted since 1994 to individuals, groups and institutions at the forefront of futures studies and research.

Recent WFSF Awards include:


For International Women's Day 2017:  WFSF honoured two outstanding women.

WFSF International Women's Day Global Award 2017: Presented to Dr Kakenya Ntaiya, an inspiring Maasai woman educator from Kenya. 

WFSF President's Outstanding Woman Futurist 2016: Presented to Dr Dana Klisanin, an innovative psychologist and futurist from New York.



For International Women's Day 2016, WFSF honoured three outstanding women.

WFSF International Women's Day Global Award 2016: Presented to Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

WFSF President's Outstanding Woman Futurist 2016: Presented to Professor Guillermina Baena Paz, Mexico.

WFSF President's Outstanding Young Woman Futurist 2016: Presented to Alethia Berenice Montero, Mexico.