HUMAN FUTURES: A Publication of the World Futures Studies Federation

WFSF has published a magazine since its inception - since even before the organisation was formally constituted. The WFSF magazine has gone through several iterations, changing its name and style with the changing times over nearly five decades. We are now launching a new version of the WFSF magazine.

HUMAN FUTURES is to be launched in December 2016 and will be a fresh & contemporary, interactive, online magazine. Each issue will be loosely themed, with the first issue featuring some of the really exciting and innovative futures work by several of our younger WFSF members.

Human Futures

Issue No 1 December 2016: A Taste of the Contents 

Feature Articles (750-1000 words):

1. Stuart Candy Experiential Futures
2. Alethia Berenice Montero Forward Futures Theatre
3. Dana Klisanin Altruistic Gaming

Short news items (400-500 words):

1. David Wright Futures Film Festivals F3
2. Sherman Cruz City Futures in SE Asia
3. Peter Bishop Teach the Future